Artist in Residence Program


In 2019 there is a creative break for the ELEVEN AiR program.

Time for new ideas, rebuilding, travel, expansion and further development.
Therefore, no applications can be submitted for the artist-in-residence season 2019.

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Starzach-Börstingen, Germany


There is no application for 2019 possible!

Open to all kinds of fine arts, performing arts, new media, social art, land art, experimental sound, music, literature and others
No restrictions according to gender, age or nationality
Language of application is English or German
One to three-month residencies available
Resident artists are expected to share costs of housing (utilities, etc.)

Shorter stays and "Artists on Tour" plans by special arrangement


The ELEVEN Artist Residence is an international residency program for artists - located in Starzach-Börstingen, Germany. It is a self-administrated non-profit organisation. ELEVEN artspace wants to create an environment for inspiration – a place for artists where they can concentrate on their work, can experiment and play.


The residency program offers combined living and working spaces with private bedrooms for 1, 2 or 3 persons. The accommodations and workshops are situated in the former administrative offices of an old school (teachers' room, rector’s, student council room, classrooms, etc.). The rooms - most have a washbasin/sink - are simply furnished and could be occupied with 1-3 artists (depending on the room). Toilets and shower are located down the hallway. A fully-equipped community kitchen is also available as well as a patio with the possibility for cooking out when the weather is nice. By special arrangement there are various other spaces which can be used: a large communal studio (about 70m²), small work room, a small performance space, and in certain situations there is the possibility of using a gymnasium with stage. On the school grounds there are further opportunities: large walls, fields and forests, the Neckar valley and the river itself.


There are a few bikes available for rent. According to an arrangement there is a possibility to access sound equipment, sound recording.



During the residency there are ample possibilities to present public artist discussions, readings, lectures, etc. A group exhibition takes place in august. The project as a whole is well-documented by the regional papers. Works-in-progress can be publicised in social media in cooperation with the artists.


Scheduling and Duration

The artist-in-residence program is for the meantime only available between May 15th and September 30th. The duration of a residency is from one to three months. Rooms for “artists-on-tour” and shorter periods (< one month) can also be provided by special arrangements.


To apply, please send us the following documents

- A short CV with address and contact & examples of original artistic work (max. 3x DIN A4 pages / or links)

- A short statement about your motivation for applying and your expectations of the residency

- Desired time frame of residency, from one to three months

- A description of the space requirements you will need / would you share your room with another same-gender artist?

- Other languages you speak


The language of application is either English or German


Please do not send any originals. Application materials will not be returned by mail.

Photos, videos and sounds only as links, as download or as CD/DVD.


Please send applications by Email or paper post to:

kunstort ELEVEN artspace

Schulstraße 27

72181 Starzach-Börstingen (Germany)

(Subject line): „Artist in Residence“


Info & Contact:

Monika Golla, Frank Fierke

Tel.: +49 172-9573421 or +49 1520-1929499


Thanks to all supporters and sponsors for making it possible.

Community of Starzach, LRA Tübingen, Gasthaus Lamm, Weinbergschneckenhaus, Euroexpress, Muriel Shah, Maria Hopp, Uwe Fierke a.m.o.


expected & previous Resident Artists




- ALL THESE FACES / Artist-Curators

    Ilyn Wong (USA), Andrew J. Burford (GBR)

- Bonnie Lee Turner / Painting, Installation (USA)

- D'Arcy Blake / Writing, Video (USA/CAN)

- Daniel Sterlin-Altman / Animation Film (CAN)

- FAKERS CLUB / Dance Company

    Stephanie Miracle (USA), Liliana Ferri (FRA)

    Johann Geidies (DEU), Jordan Gigout (FRA)

    Alejandro Russo (ARG/FRA)

- Gabriele Nold / Painting (DEU)

- Gerald Fiebig / Sound Art (DEU)

- Hiroko Oikawa / Installation (JAP)

- Hui Huang / Video, Drawing (CHN)

- Jamie McGhee / Writing (USA)

- Jeongsoo Lim / Installation, Performance (KOR)

- Ki Dong Kwon / Painting (KOR)

- Kristyn Joi McKinney / Video (USA)

- Kyle Scheurmann / Painting (CAN)

- Luca Migliorino / Painting (ITA)

- Min Ji Suh / Painting (KOR)

- PASSEPARTOUT DUO / Composition, Music

    Nicoletta Favari (ITA), Christopher Salvito (USA)

- Renate Kletzka / Painting (DEU)

- Rochyne Delaney McNulty / Performance Design (GBR)

- Romi Cruañas / Multicultural Arts, Performace, Theater (ARG/ITA/IRL)

- Sarah Iris Mang / Performance (AUT)

- Thomas Collins / Drawing, Installation (CAN)

- HARMONIE 59 / Team Session 2018

    Roderik Vanderstraeten (BEL), Scott Roller (USA), Sasha Shlain (CHE)

    Christoph Sauer, Manuel Loos (DEU)


< meet our resident artists 2018




< meet our resident artists 2017

- Amie Anderson / Social-Art, Installation, Video (AUS)

- Andrea Guterres  / Composition (AUS)

- Azin Sadati / Installations (IRN)

- Baishali Das / Design, Graphics (IND)

- Elisa Carreño / Mixed media (BRA)

- Evelyn Wong / Writing (CAN)

- Fergus Gratton / Texts (AUS)

- Gretchen Geraets / Installations (GBR)

- Helena Hartmann / Performance, Installations (DEU)

- Jackie Riccio / Mixed media (USA)

- Joseph Horejs / Mixed media (USA)

- Julie Rafalski / Drawing, Collages (POL/GBR)

- Margarita Rozenberg / Graphics (ISR/RUS)

- Natalie Henson / Painting, Installation (USA)

- Rochyne Delaney McNulty / Mixed media (GBR)

- Sarah Sole / Painting (USA)

- Sophie Morrow / Performance, Video (AUS)

- Terézia Krnáčová / Textile, Objects (SVK)

- Uwe Petruch & Hanna Smitmans / Social-Art (DEU)

- Yung-Jen Chan / Sculpture (TWN)

- HARMONIE 59 / Team Session 2017

    Roderik Vanderstraeten (BEL), Scott Roller (USA), Sasha Shlain (CHE),

    Christoph Sauer, Claus Rosenfelder, Susanne Resch, Monika Golla,

    Steffi Müller, Klaus Dietl, Frank Fierke (DEU)



- Andrea Golla / Conceptual Art (DEU)

- Anita Mówczan / Graphics (POL)

- Anja Claudia Pentrop / Mixed Media (DEU)

- Brandstifter / Action Art (DEU)

- Eva Baumann / Dace (DEU)

- Eyal Segal / Video (ISR)

- Friendly Fire / Performance (DEU)

- Gerald Fiebig / Sound Art (DEU)

- Harry Chapman / Sculpture (GBR)

- Heidi Smit / Writing (NLD)

- Jaroslaw Broitmann / Painting (RUS/DEU)

- Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce / Printing (NGA)

- Kosmas Giannoutakis / Composition (GRC/AUT)

- Makiko Nishikaze / Composition (JPN/DEU)

- Nikolaus Heyduck / Composition (DEU)

- Sara Belo / Vocal Performance (PRT)

- Sibyll Ariane Keller / Painting, Photography (DEU)

- Stephanie Müller, Klaus E. Dietl / Video, Performance (DEU)

- Werther Germondari / Performance (ITA)

- HARMONIE 59 / Team Session 2016

    Roderik Vanderstraeten (BEL), Scott Roller (USA), Sasha Shlain (CHE),

    Ingmar Kurenbach, Michi Meier, Manuel Loos, Christoph Sauer,

    Monika Golla, Frank Fierke (DEU)



- AMT / Theater Company

    Aliaa Hwijah, Mohammad Karaf, Tareq Alwawi (SYR)

- Andreas Hoffman / Performance (DEU)

- Frank Surgalla / Painting, Design (DEU)

- Gabriele Juvan / Conceptual Art (DEU)

- Henrik Krause / Vibroacoustic (DEU)

- Jens Barth / Media Art (DEU)

- Kuprac / Conceptual Art (DEU)

- Markus Baumgart / Vinyl DJing (DEU)

- Roderik Vanderstraeten / Composition, Sound Design (BEL)

- Scott Roller / Music, Cello (USA)

- Susanne Resch / Music (DEU)

- Theresa Buschmann / Vocal (DEU)

- Tina Bauer / Photography, Writing (DEU)